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About Perleybrook

Perleybrook was founded in September 2013. The founders were childhood friends. As kids, they hacked on ham radio and random electronic projects, and hung out together and geeked out on computers, electronics and softwares. They dreamed of owning a company and working on projects they loved. But life took them to college, then to adult life and to a career.  Yet, after two decades, they re-grouped and made a company.


Our founders believed Innovation happens in teams, a belief they developed from their childhood experiences. So they wanted a workplace that nourishes a communal culture. A no judge zone environment where collective efforts are valued and encouraged. A commune that stimulate childish amusement and inquisitiveness. And, would expand eventually and take the shape and form of a corporation.  It will scale to contain multiple micro teams operating on this grand vision.  Each unit functioning in itself as a startup and contributing to the combined success of the entire organization. If a member of commune decides to leave, they would eventually take the spirit elsewhere and recreate a piece of Perleybrook.


The north star goal of Perleybrook, is to help transition the world to a more connected one. So, since inception, Perleybrook has been working on IoT and Smart Building space. We are using our years of experience in Machine Learning, AI and Video Analytics to build smart solutions that alleviates labor intensive human tasks . As we continue to find space for our products and solutions in multiple industry verticals, we are certain that the Perleybrook mission is intact. We are wiring the world, one piece at a time.

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