Acceder: Cloud based Access Control SystemAcceder

IoT Edge device with Enterprise grade cloud backend. Temperature Scanning, Visitor Managment, Attendance Management.

Acceder, Built on Argus

What is Acceder?

acceder is an IoT edge device with a powerful cloud based back end. The device has a medical grade thermopile sensor, calibrated using machine learning; a 8MP camera and a 5 inch screen. Acceder can scan body temperature, records visitors and mark employee attendance using face recognition. Being a contactless device, employee or visitor won’t have to interact with the device at all, making it the safest method for visitor and attendance management during Covid pandemic time.

Features In Depth

Acceder Explained

Temperature Scanning

Non Contact AI Temperature Scanning

Acceder device scans for the body temperature and reports with a distinct audible alarm to indicate whether the visitor’s/employee’s body temperature is within an allowable range. Acceder uses a medical grade thermopile sensor to record the temperature. As with any non contact temperature sensor’s the accuracy varies with the operating environment. We have used Machine Learning to estimate an error correction based on samples retrieved from various environmental conditions.


Contact Tracing

Contact tracing for tracking Covid Spread

The contact tracing is a vital feature in this pandemic time. Organizations are forced to track and record patrons visiting their facility. In contact tracing mode, the acceder device pops up a QR code on the device screen. The patron would scan the QR code on their smartphone to visit a predefined link where they enter their Name and Phone number. Acceder backend will validate the phone number by sending the visitor an OTP code. Upon entering the OTP code, the patron would receive an entry pass with their photograph attached. The cloud management dashboard will report the visitor’s entry.

Attendance Management

Non contact Face Recognition based Attendance Management

Acceder uses Argus' powerful Face recognition algorithm to implement its attendance management system. Designed with privacy and security in mind, the recognition happens locally in the device. Acceder would mark the employees attendance and their body temperature. If acceder suspect that the employee has a fever, the device alerts with a distinct audible alarm. The organization’s admin can generate daily, weekly monthly Timesheet reports on their cloud dashboard.


Visitor Management - Planned

Automate Visitor request, check in and authentication

Enterprises are required to manage their visitors more efficiently. Some organizations will have a pre check in workflow as-well. In pre planned visitor mode, the organizations will have an appointment scheduling public facing web page. The visitor will need to fill their details and their intent and specify the email of the personnel whom they want to meet. Acceder sends an appointment request to the employee for approval. Up on approval, the visitor would receive a QR code in email. And at the date of arrival, the visitor would present the QR code at the acceder device’s camera. Optionally, the visitor would have uploaded their picture and acceder device would have identified the person using face recognition. A notification is sent to the employee that the visitor is waiting for at the lobby.

Visitor Management - Unplanned

Manage ad hoc visitors

There are situations when the companies may have un planned visitors. These visitors may be a courier guy, a pizza delivery boy or a maintenance personal. These visitors needs to be processed in. If Acceder encounters an unplanned visitor, the device will switch to contact tracing mode. As the visitor walks in, the acceder scans their temperature and pops up a QR code. The visitor will scan the QR code and enter their name and phone number. Acceder backend service will send an OTP code to the visitor. And when the visitor validate their phone number with the OTP, acceder will provide an entry pass. If acceder is integrated to the door controller/access controller, the entry pass can be used as door access tokens. The visitor can walk into the facility and show the entry pass at the door readers to gain access.


3rd Party Integration

Connect external softwares and Hardwares to acceder

Acceder has a RESTful interface where 3rd party software and devices can use familiar HTTP to integrate with. Acceder also provides hardware wiegand outputs that can be connected to electro magnetic doors. The device provides TCP/UDP based integration endpoints as-well. Thus providing a multitude of channels and end points to integrate with.

Dashboard and Reports

Multiple sites, multiple tenants, gather realtime reports

Acceder’s backend is built on AWS. The backend provides a multi tenant architecture. Thus an organization with multiple sites can manage their employees per site. The super admin can pull records from a specific site or all across the organization. The data can be exported out in CSV or Excel format as-well.


Privacy and Security

Built on powerful AWS security architecture

Acceder is designed with privacy in mind. The organization owns their data. The data is stored in a NoSQL Dynamo Db database segregated out into a Private AWS VPN. We use modern best AWS security practices to ensure that the data never leaves the organization. The server is hosted across multiple regions and with in the organizations mother country. Data security is subjected to the region’s jurisdiction and adheres to local privacy laws. Acceder even let host the back end in the organization’s private AWS account.

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