Barrier: Machine Guarding SolutionBarrier

OSHA Compliant Machine Guarding Solution, a HSE application.

Barrier, Built on Argus

What is a Virtual Fence?

Machine guarding is a critical OSHA requirement in a factory settings. However, a physical barrier may be impossible in every scenarios. Argus' proactive Video Analytics platform offers an easy to use tool to draw a virtual barrier around a machinery on a video feed of a camera overlooking the machinery. When a breach is detected, the Barrier application triggers an action alerting the HSE. The action could also be to stop the machinery immediately.

Features In Depth

Barrier Explained

Multiple Cameras

Full 360 degree view of the machine using multiple cameras.

The argus appliance can connect to multiple ONVIF camera for accurate barrier protection. There are situations where the Machinery may be obstructed by a moving crane and the camera may loose direct line of sight view of the machine. Admin can use multiple cameras, setup in different POV, for complete barrier coverage.


Drawing Tool

Easily draw polygons around a mchine to setup barrier.

The application provides an intuitive drawing tool for the HSE admin to setup the barrier. The admin can draw a polygonal barrier, with pixel accuracy, around the machine. They can setup multiple barriers of varying importance and tie each barrier breaches to different action. The first level of breach may sound an alarm, while the interior barrier breach may stop the machine.

Modbus Support

Modbus and Relay Outputs

Barrier appliance provides a modbus interface as well as hardware relays. The actions are translated to modbus triggers and are send to a PLC. Relays could be wired to a Buzzer or a flash light. Depending on the levels of barrier and action configured, the barrier application can warn the HSE personal of a breach. The PLC could be used to stop the machine.



Incident Reports

Incidents are recorded and saved locally and backed up in real time to a cloud back end. This is an optional feature and may not be available in the unit by default. But it can be configured easily in the configuration utility.

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