Virtual Flagman: Forklift SafetyFlagman

OSHA compliant HSE application for forklifts.

Flagman, Built on Argus

What is a Virtual Flagman?

Flagman is a standalone appliance with embedded Argus video platform. The device has a 8 Mega Pixel IR camera with a 160 FOV attached to a GPU powered control unit. Optionally the device has a provision to connect up to 4 directional sensors as-well. The device, calibrated for distance, can detect human presence in the blind spots of the forklift. A 12V buzzer connected to the device will sound high intensity beeps warning the imminent danger. Optionally the device has signal output that can be connected to apply breaks or even shutdown the forklift.

Features In Depth

Flagman Explained

Camera as a Sensor

Detecting blind spot from Video.

Flagman application treats Camera as a Sensor. The camera senses the surroundings and provides objects in the scene for the control unit to process. So to enhance the Field of vision the application uses a 160 degree camera with an IR option for night vision. Optionally we can add multiple cameras to improve the FOV and scene accuracy. Camera has to be placed at least 6 ft above the ground to cover the maximum blind spot area when the forklift is in reverse motion.


Additional Sensors

Redundant Directional Sensors.

In our experience all the environments are not similar. Depending on the environmental factors, the application may need more data points to accurately triangulate a human in the blind spot. We can add more directional sensors across the body of forklift to improve the accuracy.

Customizable Case Design

Customizable Hardware/Case design

Not all forklifts are same. Forklifts which may not have brackets or top covering, and may need an improvised apparatus to hold the camera. Or the chase may not be wide enough to hold the directional sensors. We offer a customizable hardware design and case to manage this unique challenge. The design can be customized to fit the contour of the forklift body, or to fit in a non conspicuous location.



External Output

Flagman provides 2 channel 5V relays to connect external hardware to the unit. It could be a buzzer, a light or an additional circuitry to control the breaks or ignition of the vehicle. We can work on need basis to add additional interface elements if required.

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