Our ServiceService

Expereienced Video and Video Analtyics Engineering Team.


Our Service Area

Native Apps

Video streaming applications (RTSP, RTMP, HLM) on iOS, Android, Windows, macOSX, Linux and Web

Hardware Prototyping

Quick and dirty prototypes with Raspberry Pi, Aurdino, BeagleBone, Jetson

Video Analytics Applications

Customizing our own Argus platform for your unique use cases.

AWS Migration

Migrating legacy applications to cloud using serverless (API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDb)


Our Development Strategy

We don’t start from scratch. And we definitely don’t re-invent the wheel. The base of any Video related app is our own Video Platform Argus. It has a streaming component, a storage component, events manager and an analytics part. So we start of with a very known and intimate codebase. And we build on top the application layer to meet the client’s requirement.


MVP in No Time

Fast to Market

About 70% of our customers are startups and small businesses. What they are looking in a developer partner is, someone who can deliver their idea fast enough. Since we are starting off of from our Argus, we can bring an MVP really fast.

Full Service

Full Service Development House

We are a full service development house. And consists of a mix of Hardware and Software engineers. Hence we can quickly prototype your hardware component and develop an interfacing mobile app and the cloud based web backend.


Cost Effective

Affordable Pricing

Since we start off from Argus and our own code base, we spend very little time on research and figuring out. This gives us the ability to deliver a cost effective solution. Our customers spend between $5000 to $48,000 for a project. The median being $27,400. If we translate this to an hourly rate, it would come to around $24 per developer.


Iterative development cycle with measurable milestones

Our clients don’t wait for their product. In fact they receive a piece of delivery every 2 weeks. We work in sprints with an actual deliverable at the end of 2 weeks. We will let you experience your product while it is being developed. At the end of 2 weeks, our clients sit with us to retrospect on the deliverable and set expectations for the next sprint. This goes in an iterative manner until the final product is being delivered.


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