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Popular Safety Solutions implemented using Flagman

Forklift Safety

Human Detection in the Blindspot

With its powerful AI-based vision sensors, Flagman can detect humans in the blind spots of forklifts, providing real-time visual and audible alerts to operators and pedestrians. Additionally, if the make of the forklift supports, flagman can be integrated with the control panel of the vehicle to decelerate and stop the vehicle.

  • Customize Alert Distances with Flagman; Stay Informed with Timely Warnings and Critical Safety Notifications
  • Achieve complete 360-Degree coverage with support for up to 4 cameras
  • Enhance Operator Awareness with Flagman’s user-friendly display unit
  • Multilingual Audio Alarms for Clear Safety Notifications
  • Deceleration and Stopping Capabilities (if Supported) for Enhanced Forklift Safety"


Finger Detection

Safety solution for saws, grinders and rollers

Saws, grinders, and rollers pose a significant risk of finger lacerations in industrial settings. Flagman offers an innovative safety solution, leveraging AI-powered vision technology, to proactively prevent accidents in such machines.

  • Creating a Safe ‘No Hand Zone’ around Blades/Rollers for Accident Prevention
  • Versatile Safety Solution with 4 Relays (Normally Open and Normally Closed) for Enhanced Control"
  • Rule-Based Safety Automation to Trigger Relays when Hands Approach Blades/Rollers
  • Implement health checks with relays to make sure the operator is always working with flagman on.
  • Dashboard contains proof of events


Operator inside LOTO Gate

Ensuring the safety of personnel within the LOTO (Lockout/Tagout) gate area is a critical concern in industrial environments. With Flagman, you can rely on our cutting-edge technology to monitor the presence of individuals within the LOTO gate. Our intelligent system accurately counts the number of people inside the gate, and if the count exceeds one, the operator is unable to start the machine

  • Integrates with SCADA
  • Real-time machine state retrieval via ‘modbus’ Communication with PLC
  • Visual and Audible alarms if attempt to start the machines.
  • Dashboard and event proof


Fire and Smoke Detection

Early Detection of Smoke and Fire

Fire incidents pose a significant threat to manufacturing facilities, making early detection crucial for preventing disasters. At Flagman, we have developed an advanced fire and smoke algorithm that addresses this common safety concern head-on.

  • Identify fire and smoke early on
  • Proactive alerts through visual and audible alarms.
  • Integrates with other fire supression systems for cohesive and synchronized response
  • Can plug into your existing CCTV network.
  • Dashboard with event proof for.

Virtual Perimeter Algorithm

Machine Guarding Solution

Ensuring the safety of operators and preventing unauthorized access to machines during operation is a top priority in industrial settings. With Flagman, you can establish a virtual perimeter around your machines, creating a secure environment that safeguards both personnel and equipment.

  • Protect operators by preventing unauthorized access to machines.
  • Safeguard machinery and equipment from tampering and minimizing the potetial for disruption to production process.
  • Realtime alerts when there is an intrusion or breach.
  • Customizable perimeters: Adapt the virtual perimeter to suit specific needs of the machine.


PPE Detection

Enforcing PPE Compliance

Flagman’s intelligent platform utilizes AI-powered technology to accurately detect and identify whether operators are wearing the appropriate PPE for their assigned tasks. The algorithm analyzes real-time video feeds from the workplace, instantly recognizing PPE items such as helmets, safety glasses, gloves, and more. The Flagman’s PPE detection algorithm can be trained to adapt to site specific PPEs like aluminium vest, hard gloves etc.

  • Flagman ensures operator adhers to personal protection equipment requirements of the job.
  • Realtime alerts of violation.
  • Evidence collected can be used for citations and training.
  • SCADA integration available to set rules in process to check for required PPE.

Line crossing algorithm

Counting people Solution

Counting and managing the number of people in confined spaces or assembly spots is essential for maintaining safety and ensuring effective evacuations. With Flagman’s advanced line crossing algorithm, our people count solution offers a reliable and efficient way to meet these critical requirements.

  • Accurate Headcount; The line crossing algorithm provides precise people counting, enabling you to effectively manage occupancy in restricted spaces and assembly areas.
  • Real-time Monitoring; Flagman’s platform offers real-time monitoring of people count, allowing for immediate response and ensuring compliance with safety protocols.
  • Evacuation Readiness; During emergency evacuations, Flagman’s people count solution provides valuable data to ensure the orderly and efficient evacuation of personnel.
  • Customizable Settings; Flagman’s people count solution can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, including adjustable thresholds and zone configurations.


Operator on Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt Safety Solution

Detecting the presence of humans on conveyor belts is a crucial safety concern at many job sites. Flagman addresses this issue by offering an advanced safety solution that can detect humans on conveyor belts and take immediate action to prevent accidents.

  • Flagman’s cameras accurately identify humans on conveyor belts, minimizing the risk of accidents caused by operator presence.
  • Flagman triggers an automatic stoppage of the conveyor belt upon detection, ensuring operator safety and preventing further risks.
  • Flagman provides visual indicators and audible alarms to alert operators about the unsafe behavior of standing on the conveyor belt.

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